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Living and healthy children

Our future

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We are at war

Ukraine is at war with an aggressor who threatens the free world. We need your help

Humanitarian aid

During the fighting, refugees, the disabled, children, pensioners and people who require rehabilitation need your support.

Urban rebuilding

In Ukraine, many settlements have already been unloaded. Help Ukrainians rebuild their cities

The threat of radiation

Russian troops seized the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, constantly shelling warehouses with storage of radioactive substances and getting close to the reactors

Collecting for the Ideal Lightly Armored Transport

The perfect light armored troop transport for armed forces in transition: Proudly presenting the ‘Counter Ambush Transporter – Light, category B’ (or short ‘C.A.T. – LB’). In contrast to the heavier, original 5 metric tons C.A.T. 2 + 4 seater, the lighter and slightly smaller 2+3 C.A.T. – LB weighs in at just 3000kg while offering an even higher class of protection than the original duty vehicle we developed in 2014 for internal use. Further contrasting with our original vehicles, the new ones are class ‘B’ vehicles, being allowed to be driven with a standard ‘B’ driver’s license. We achieved these astonishingly contrasting features by redesigning the vehicle to get a maximum of usable space out of the minimum amount of material. This is why the C.A.T. – LB is shaped sharp like a full-grown APC in front while offering an easily accessible, lighter armored pick-up bed for flammable loads like fuels and ordnance. Making the vehicle shallower than the original C.A.T., and needing less thick material with our own GEOX.600 high strength steel, invented in between the vehicle’s generations, we are thrilled to announce an armoring class- compliant to STANAG 3 with the agile C.A.T. – LB while the bigger original C.A.T. only had a STANAG 2 compliant rating with the materials commercially available at the time. Our GLOBAL.AG Enhanced Oxide 600HRB steel used for the monolithic armored hull is a marvel of metallurgical chemistry, being able to stop calibers as large as .338 Lapua Magnum FMJ on point blanc distances – or every lesser caliber even with AP and API projectiles. Conceptually the C.A.T. – LB is a fighting vehicle packed in the LAPV category: – The alignment of the anti-shock seats is set up to cover all angles of the vehicle through the vehicle’s firing ports 360° – The fully armored main armament turret rotates freely with vertical angles of up to 45° in both, elevation and decline – The sharp angles of the vehicle guarantee extreme resistance to ballistic impact and detonation – A 3-door layout with large side doors for driver and commander, combined with a rear portal door for dismounts, grants lightning-fast exit and entry in full mission loadout – Removable slat armor and blow out panels add to the vehicle’s and crew’s survivability against the most widespread anti-tank missiles – A soft, fragment- and fire-resistant thermal insulation layer on the inside prevents fragmentation and ricochets, should a larger caliber make it through the armored hull and provides a comfortable overall user experience – The simple but sturdy vehicle platform provides great in-field maintenance abilities with just a few sets of spare parts and 2 days of additional training for the assigned crew member -Every C.A.T. – LB comes with a camo net fitting the vehicle, fire extinguishing systems, and fog generators Because the vehicle is aimed at allied armed forces in transition, we aim to provide the greatest possible value at cost and can do so by completing almost the whole cycle of creation in-house (development, update & improvement, protective materials used, the production line itself). As of the writing of this document, we can guarantee that the C.A.T. – LB is the cheapest new armored vehicle in its class worldwide – at the cost of our own margin, but for your clean and safe reformation and modernization process.


– Power unit: 3L compreq. 4 tbsp. manual transmission L/H
– Protection: STANAG 4569 Level 3 4×4 SPECS
– Weight: 3000 kg
– LxHxW: 420cm x 200cm x 200cm (without tower)
– Fuel/reach: 18L / 100km, 100L cap, ~550 km
– Wheels: 38” Runflats with beadlock

How much money do we want to raise

Approximate fees $15,000 – $20,000
The rest of the fees or in cases of non-implementation of the project are transferred to the next project of the fund.

Dear friends Maybe you're a little tired now.

Today, we fight the country of terrorism.

Our victory is the victory of the civilized world
It’s up to you to decide what kind of world your children will live in.
To defeat darkness, it is enough to light a candle.
We ask you to become one!
Saving one life is equal to saving the whole world.
Whatever you donate today, may be returned twofold.

The army of Ukraine is fighting the main terror on the planet
Our sacrifice protects the entire civilized world
No one should be indifferent to the deaths of civilians

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Almost the entire territory of Europe will be contaminated with radiation in varying degrees of propagation. This will affect the entire ecosystem of the European continent and will claim many lives of people.
GLOBAL RADIATION EXPOSURERadiation fallout will fall almost all over the planet, falling with rain and snow all over the world. The force of infection of the planet's territory will be about 50%
no russiaWe raise money for charity, social and military projects. Behind the skin project is a problem, history, hope and hope. Our task is to spread the story and create a mind, abusing those who want to help, with those who need help. The uniqueness of Happy New Life lies in the fact that leather can help here. From a little bit of light - from Kiev, Lvov, Brussels and Sydney. In the best way for yourself, that at the best hour. Abi Submit the project, just click “submit”, enter your data and wait for the order from the bank card

During the war, not only people suffer, but also the closest domestic animals to us. Let's help our pets.